Belfast: Naming and shaming low pay bosses

From The Socialist

Shoppers in Belfast were shocked to see the pitifully low wages being paid by stores in Castle Court on the 29 September. Socialist Youth’s Fight Back! protest got an excellent response to our banner displaying wages as low as £3.30 an hour for young workers.

Leaflets with details of wages were also handed to shoppers as they walked through the entrance. Despite the pouring rain, loads of people stopped to sign the petition calling for an £8 an hour minimum wage for all and also spoke to us about how they were also being ripped-off by low pay bosses.

Anger against low pay is widespread. In order to keep up with rising bills, young low-paid workers such as those at Ritzy Cinema’s and JJB Sports have been forced to get organised and fight for better pay and conditions.

The pathetic increase in the minimum wage is in reality a pay cut as it does not match inflation. But some employers may try to avoid paying even this small increase. If you are paid below the minimum wage or sick of low pay then contact the Fight Back! Campaign today on 07876146473 or 02890232962.


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