Belfast: SY combats fascist and racist propaganda

By Henry Wilson

Sickening racist stickers and leaflets have begun to appear in Belfast in recent weeks, which are designed to whip up racism and intimidate ethnic minorities, particularly the Chinese community.

The stickers appear to be produced in Britain by small fascist groups who want to develop a base in Northern Ireland. Any attempts by fascist groups, even by a small number of individuals, to build a base here must be actively opposed. The distribution of racist material, which scapegoats immigrants for the social problems capitalism is responsible for, directly leads to physical attacks on ethnic minorities.

The number of racist attacks has increased for the fourth year in a row. Even the PSNI accept that their figures understate the actual number of attacks. Socialist Youth campaigns for all workers and young people to unite to fight the real roots of poverty, lack of housing and services, by building a socialist alternative to capitalism’s failure to provide for people’s needs.

We have also launched a sticker campaign to cover over racist material as an important step to combat attempts by fascists to organise in Northern Ireland. If you see any racist stickers in your area, then contact Socialist Youth on 90232962 or 07876146473 to order some stickers.


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