UCD: International solidarity wins a victory for victimised students

By Paul Murphy

The close to a hundred emails and phone calls received by the UCD authorities from around the world protesting against their attack on the right to protest has forced them to back down.

Darren Cogavin and Enda Duffy, both of whom were facing possible fines for engaging in peaceful protest against Shell and Green Party Minister, Eamon Ryan, have met with Martin Butler, the Vice President for Students.

At both meetings, he was very defensive, having been stung by the unexpected international solidarity. Apparently, he was completely shocked about getting so many emails from students and staff in UCD, activists around the country, and from people around the world. He was particularly perplexed about getting emails from Greek trade unionists and American students!

As a result, all the indications are that Darren and Enda will face no punishment. This will be finally confirmed by a letter they are due to receive this week. From Butler’s response, we are very confident that they have been forced to back down.

International solidarity has forced the college authorities to back down, and defended the right to protest on campus. A big thank you from Darren and Enda to all those who emailed and phoned in!

For background to this campaign see: UCD students victimised for protesting against Shell and government ministers


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