75 Years after Hitler came to power – NEVER AGAIN!


Rallies around the country

SY Sticker

Dublin Details:

Where: Meet at the Spire, O’Connell St
When: January 30th, 5.30PM  (Followed by a public meeting)


Where & When: UL  @ 1pm, City Centre at 4pm

Next Wednesday, January 30th, marks three quarters of a century since Adolf Htiler was appointed Chancellor of Germany, starting a reign of terror that crushed the Trade Unions and socialist parties and ended in 11 million dead, including 6 million Jews.

To commemorate this anniversary Socialist Youth have produced thousands of stickers for people to wear on the day and are organizing rallies around the country on the theme of “Never Again! No to racism and attacks on our democratic rights.”

We are organizing these rallies not just to remember those who were killed by the Nazis, but also to draw a line in the sand and say that we will not accept fascism, racism or the ongoing attacks on our democratic rights.

We are also seeking to highlight the hidden story of the crimes of big business in supporting the Nazis. It is well known that IBM supplied and serviced machines for the concentration camps. Shell, Ford, Kodak, Siemens, Folens, General Motors, Krupps, DuPoint and General Electric all helped the Nazis too.

Recently fascists have attempted to organize in Limerick, as well as fascist activity elsewhere, putting up viciously racist posters etc. Now Jean-Marie Le Pen, a fascist from France who denies the Holocaust happened, has been invited to speak in UCD under a huge media spotlight.

In other countries, such as France, Germany and England neo-Nazis have organized themselves, resulting in Germany in 1,000 violent neo-nazi attacks in 2006. This anniversary is an opportunity to show these fascists that the vast majority of people oppose their bigotry.

Increasingly, racist ideas are being whipped up, with migrant workers being scap-goated for lowering wages. In reality the real culprits are big business in their drive for more profits. Racists try to claim they are the majority, using ‘common sense’. This rally is a chance to show they are wrong, and voice your opposition to racism.

One of the key reasons big business supported the Nazis was that they brutally crushed the trade unions and took away peoples democratic rights. Today big business cannot get away with that. However, more and more our democratic rights our being chipped away. Hundreds detained in Guantanemo Bay without trial, people being tortured in US detention centers in Eastern Europe and 30 people imprisoned here in Ireland for peaceful protesting in the last 5 years – all part of the attacks on our democratic rights. Let’s use this occasion to show we will not accept these attacks.

Socialist Youth invites all anti-fascism, anti-racism and anti-discrimination campaigners and organisations to attend and to show that the menace of fascism has not been forgotten and that the struggle against it still continues.


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