North: Caitriona Ruane wins Scrooge of the Year 2007

By Kevin Henry, Belfast Socialist Youth

This year’s winner of Scrooge of the Year award is Sinn Fein’s answer to Margaret Thatcher, Caitriona Ruane, with 37% of the vote. Socialist Youth held many street stalls in Belfast to ballot the public to see which boss or politician they thought was most deserving of the title.

Caitriona Ruane received such a high vote because of her role in attacking classroom assistants’ terms and condition but even she had many rivals for the award. Coming in second with 18% of the vote was Domino’s Pizza, who make £700 million every year, but leave workers in Wolverhampton and Derby with negative wages by charging extortionate rent and insurance.

In third place with 15% was Seagate who, despite receiving £15 million in public money since 2001, closed their profitable Limavady plant just before Christmas, sacking over 900 workers. Stormont Finance Minister Peter Robinson who has promised to make 1,000 public servants redundant received 14% of the vote.

Many of those who where asked to vote found it hard to choose a winner. A common phrase being “they’re all as bad as each other” and Socialist Youth couldn’t agree more. We will step up our work to build a socialist alternative to the bosses and their lackeys in the Assembly in 2008!


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