Dublin: 75th anniversary of Hitler coming to power… Never Again!

By Stephen Rigney

Over 40 people attended an anti-racist and anti-fascist rally organised by Socialist Youth in Dublin on 30 January to mark the 75th Anniversary of Hitler’s rise to power and to say Never Again to fascism.

The rally addressed the growing issues of racism being whipped up against migrant workers by the capitalist media and politicians, the introduction of a brutal new asylum bill that will see asylum seekers locked away in detention centres and the ongoing discrimination against the Travelling community and other minority groups.

Johannes, an anti-fascist campaigner with International Socialist Resistance in Germany (CWI) addressed the rally about the threat of fascism in Europe and what it really represents for workers, youth and minorities.  Rosanna Flynn, a campaigner with Residents Against Racism spoke about the importance of defending the rights of asylum seekers and the need to fight against the introduction of the new asylum bill.

Speaking at a public meeting after the rally, Johannes explained why fascism came into being in Germany, as a reaction against the echo for socialist ideas and the growing strength of the trade union and socialist movement.  Faced with workers looking for a socialist alternative, German capitalism pushed Hitler and the Nazis to power in order to suppress the workers movement and defend its drive for profits.

A speaker for Socialist Youth raised that it was only through the struggle for socialism and a united movement of all workers and young people, that a decent future for all coulod be provided and that the threat of fascism and racism could be undermined and abolished.


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