SY Belfast – End Low Pay

End Low Pay


£8 minimum wage NOW
Abolish the youth
End bullying, intimidation and poor working conditions
Trade union rights for all young workers

 As the cost of living goes through the roof the proposed increase for the minimum wage in October is nowhere near what is needed. How is anyone expected to live off this poverty wage?

Download the Socialist Youth Leaflet here.

The proposed increase in the minimum wage in October will be on average 3.8%. The government’s own statistics say that the cost of living is rising at 4.3%. However as anyone who has felt the electricity, food and fuel prices go up knows it is much higher than this. The soaring cost of living will effectively cancel out the planned increase in the minimum wage, which means the lowest paid will see thier pay cut, not increased.

Since its introduction in 1998 the minimum wage has never risen above inflation. Instead it has been consistently held down by New Labour with the support of their friends in the Confederation of British Industry (employer’s organisation). The bosses organisations don’t have to worry about the rising cost of living. Heads of the financial sector in the City of London have been awarded £13billion in bonuses so far this year alone!
The minimum wage is geared in such a way as to discriminate against younger workers. The splitting of the minimum wage into tiers depending on your age means that bosses can legally be pay young workers less than older workers for doing the same work!
By using discrimination, bosses can undermine the wages of all workers as well as exploit young workers. That is why young workers need to campaign to abolish the youth exemptions. If young workers organise, we can force bosses to improve our pay and conditions by taking action.
In March a young worker in Delaney’s restaurant in Belfast was sacked for wearing a jacket at work. In response well attended pickets were placed outside the restaurant. After three pickets, the boss was forced to cave by paying her back pay and offering her job back.
If you have a fat cat or bullying boss then you can confidentially ‘Name and Shame’ them on our board or send in details to . The worst employer at the end of the month will be picketed to highlight the conditions they force workers to work under.




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