Come to the Socialist Youth Summer Festival

SY Summer Festival Brochure

SY Summer Festival Brochure

Friday 22nd August – Sunday 24th August

Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow

All Welcome

Cost: €65/£50 (Cost includes accomodation, food and travel)

To download the brochure please click here.

If you would like to book your place please send your name, address, phone, e-mail and any special food requirements you may need to:

Socialist Youth Dublin
P.O. Box 3434, Dublin 8

Socialist Youth Belfast
13 Lombard St

Capitalism in Crisis

As the economy spirals further into recession, our living standards are coming uder attack. A rapid growth of unemployment in Ireland saw 10,000 new people sign on to the dole in April.

Young people are being forced to work for low pay basses where they have little or no rights. At the same time a ‘race to the bottom’ is driving down wages in order to increase profits.

This drive for profits is what capitalism is all about, the needs of people ar enever prioritised. This leads not only to attacks on our rights but to war and environmental destruction.

Now in the latest crisis millions of the worlds poorest are being starved to death by inflation, caused by big business speculation and greed.

The fight back has begun

Africa has seen a series of general strikes, from Egypt to South Africa, in the last few years.

In Latin America presidents have been toppelled as millions have poured out on the street bringing socialism back onto the agenda.

Across Europe there have been general strikes in a number of countries as struggle re-emerges.

The defeat of the Lisbon Treaty in the south shows the growing anger at teh establishment.

More and more people are no longer simply victims of the profit system, but opponents of it.

Come to the Summer Festival

Socialist Youth has organised this Summer Festival as an event where young people can come to discuss these and the issues that affect them.

Along with discussion you will also get to relax and enjoy yourself over the weekend with music, barbeques, film showing, football and lots more.

Its an event that you can’t afford to miss!


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