Launch of new SY Branch in Newry

If you would like to set up a branch of SY in your area if there isn't already one then get in contact today.

If you would like to set up a branch of SY in your area if there isn

Socialist Youth has set up a new branch in Newry and Mourne. We held our first meeting on ‘Why you should be a Socialist’ which was attended by young people from the Newry area and some members from Belfast. We are only in the early stages of setting up the branch but lots of people are already definitely interested in getting involved.


By Michael Vallely, Newry Socialist Youth 


For young people in Newry there are many problems, such as anti-social behaviour, racism and low pay. If you go out any weekend in Newry, the sheer numbers of underage drinkers is staggering. With this underage drinking comes the binge mentality; that you are only having fun if you are drunk. We want to provide an alternative for young people to campaign for better services and facilities and to fight for decent jobs and wages.

For more information on how to set up a branch of SY in your area please click read more and scroll to the bottom of the article.


There is also the danger of racist ideas growing. Only just a few weeks ago, an arson attack was carried out on a Polish household and a swastika sprayed on the gable wall of the house. Police deny that the attack was racially motivated, even though there was clear evidence to support otherwise. Socialist Youth plans to campaign against racism and to expose how employers are consciously using immigrant labour to drive down wages of all workers. It is in the interests of workers to unite against low pay and exploitation and also against racism. We have also written articles on the restoration of the Warrenpoint Baths which can be read on our Bebo page.

If you are a student or young person in the Newry and Mourne area and support the things we stand for, we urge you to get in touch. We can be contacted through the popular Bebo website by searching the User Name: ‘SocialistYouthM’ 

Setting up a branch of SY in your area

If you are interested in building a socialist alternative to the chaos of capitalism these points should help you. If you have just begun to read about political ideas but are keen to get active the best thing to start is to get in touch with Socialist Youth today who are more than willing to lend a hand.

  •  If you are angry against what is going on in your local area or the latest international crisis you are definitely not alone. So get talking to your friends, family, workmates or other people in your school.
  • Organise a meeting on a recent event such as the Crisis in South Ossetia or even something more general such ‘What is socialism?’ This can get other like minded people together to discuss the topic but also what can be done about it in your area.
  • If you can get a few people interested in doing something then that is start to something even bigger! Organise activity to mobilise young people to fight back this depends on where you are but it could be speaking to people about the delay in EMA in your tech or the Irish government concerning to introduce fees.
  • It is also important to show that you are not alone in your struggle by linking up with socialists across Ireland and from around the world.

If you would like more information about setting up a branch of SY in your area then contact:

South – Laura – 016772592
North – Paddy – 07876146473


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