Shut Down the Bogus Crisis Pregnancy Agency

THE “WOMENS’ Resource Centre” (WRC), Dorset Street, has been picketed regularly throughout August by Choice Ireland and supporters. Funnily enough, this organisation that likes to pose as above-board and legitimate, has decided to change its name in the past number of weeks to “Abbey Counselling Centre” due to the bad publicity the pickets have engendered.

By Laura Fitzgerald, Dublin Socialist Youth

The WRC poses as a Crisis Pregnancy Agency. However, this despicable outfit is entirely in operation in order to deceive and take advantage of vulnerable women who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy, so that these twisted zealots can promote their pro-life stance. They do so with scant regard for the traumatising effect that their “counselling” bestows on WRC victims.

As is shown by repeated references to Britain in their Yellow Pages advertisements, the WRC is masquerading as a crisis pregnancy agency that will genuinely discuss all options available to the women in crisis pregnancy situations.

Once these women get caught in their trap, the WRC do nothing of the sort and in fact do everything in their power to put women off terminating their pregnancy. The conniving lows to which the WRC will go in order to prevent abortions is shocking. They tell women numerous lies, for example that abortion causes breast cancer, depression, frigidity etc. and they have even been known to deny that women can get pregnant through rape.

The WRC, under any and all of its many aliases should be shut down immediately. Women in crisis pregnancy situations should be provided with free, confidential and non-judgemental advice, information and if necessary counselling, that furnishes them with all of the information they require about the various options open to them.

The state should provide this basic facility for women, while clamping down on fraudulent agencies like the WRC. Having said that, the state most certainly cannot be relied on to deliver – sixteen years and many referenda after the ruling by the Supreme Court in the X Case there is still no legislation to legalise abortion even on these very limited grounds.

That’s why the campaign to shut down the WRC is so vital as part of the broader campaign to ensure women have the basic right to decide when and if they have children. The pressure exerted on the WRC that has forced them to change their name has struck a blow as part of  the battle.


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