Review: Immortal Technique in Dublin and Belfast

ON 28 and 29 September, Harlem based socialist Hip Hop MC, Immortal Technique, took to the stage in Dublin and Belfast. Immortal Technique is well known for his refusal to take a corporate record deal because he doesn’t want record companies being able to stop him rap his left wing ideas.

By Kevin Henry, Socialist Youth Belfast


He also shows great distain for mainstream hip-hop artists who he sees as betraying the origins of hip-hop and glorifying gang violence and drug dealing. The gigs of about 200 in both Belfast and Dublin came after the release of his third album, “The 3rd World”. His new album continues his attacks on imperialism throughout the world, with lyrics which attack the cover up of massacres in Africa, the flooding of communities with drugs and the various repressive American backed governments.



Other artists during the gigs also reflected the sense of anger and defiance that hip-hop originally stood for. The London based, “Peoples Army” were relentless in their attacks on “politicians no one seems to like” for their failure to working class communities in providing decent social housing and jobs. They also spoke out against hip-hop artists who glorified knife crime and the rise of gangs in London.


During the gig in Belfast, Immortal Technique connected the issue of racism and street violence to sectarianism in Northern Ireland. In the same way that Socialist Youth does, he pointed the finger of blame at the real enemy of working people in Northern Ireland the right wing politicians and the rich.



Socialist Youth members who were at the gigs sold copies of The Socialist and gave out leaflets on the need to build a socialist alternative. In Belfast and Dublin, copies of The Socialist were sold to an enthusiastic audience afterwards and one member handed Immortal Technique a paper. Anyone who agrees with what Immortal Technique says should get active and join Socialist Youth to fight for a society free of capitalist parasites.


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