Israel/Palestine – Moving towards new conflict

Negotiations amongst regional and world leaders cannot provide solutions to the problems of the Israeli and Palestinian working and middle classes.

By Kevin Simpson, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales)

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The crisis throughout the Middle East is likely to intensify with the onset of the global recession and continued imperialist intervention. The recent intervention of US special-forces into Syria has further intensified anti-US sentiment throughout the area. Israel was awash with fears and rumours of a new conflict in the summer. The Israeli air force carried out a military exercise which was a dry-run to prepare for bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities. In the preceding months, the military elite seriously discussed a new invasion of Gaza as rockets from the territory continued to be fired at Israeli settlement towns like Sderot.

The prospect of increased bloodshed then receded as a ceasefire between the Israeli state and the Gaza militias, brokered by the Egyptian regime, came into effect in June.

Kevin Simpson (Socialist Party, CWI England & Wales) looks at the present situation in this conflict-torn region of the Middle East, summarises the roots of the conflict, and touches on the Socialist Party’s views on what is happening and how there can be an end to the suffering and insecurity of the people on both sides of the divide.


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