SY Belfast – Public Meeting

SY Belfast MeetingRecession, War, Cuts, Low Pay…

Why you should fight for socialism

3pm Sat 29th November
Socialist Youth Offices,
13 Lombard St,

The recent economic crisis reverberating around the world has provoked an outcry from ordinary people. The banks were bailed out to the tune of billions of pounds while workers and youth facing job losses and cuts in public services are given nothing!
In this catastrophe the ideas of socialism are re-emerging around the world as capitalism shows no way out of this crisis. Already US Senate Republicans have hysterically referred to the return of socialism. While numerous newspapers and TV programmes have discussed the relevance of socialism today. Bookshops are reporting a substantial increase in the sale of Marxist classics particularly by young people.
In this situation it is vitally important that we discuss what are the real ideas of socialism and why they should be fought for. If you want to find out more about socialist ideas and getting active come along to the meeting.  
Social Afterwards

For more information contact Paddy @ 07876146473


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