Mass struggle to stop the slaughter – Leaflet distributed in Israel

English translation of Arabic language leaflet issued by Socialist Struggle Movement (Tnu`at Maavak Sotzyalisti/Harakat Nidal Eshteraki – CWI in Israel), Tuesday 6 January 2009. This leaflet has been distributed by the CWI in Israel since 6th January 2009.

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The slaughter taking place these weeks in Gaza, through a combined military attack from the air the sea and the land, is another piece of cruelty in the Israeli regime’s policy of repression. Already in the past two years, the masses in Gaza, have managed to stand up to a prolonged siege, starvation, daily bombardment and murderous military attacks. These methods and now of course the full scale war declared on Gaza, were meant to overthrow the Hamas government and to force the masses of Gaza to accept the agenda of the Israeli regime and imperialism in the region.

An attack on the masses in the Mid-East     

The imperialist powers and the Israeli regime want to erase, with the mass murder in Gaza, their defeat in Lebanon, and to send a threatening message to the masses struggling against occupation and imperialism in the West Bank, in Lebanon, in Egypt, in Iraq and throughout all  the region. That is why the regimes of the Arab League that lean on the imperialist powers are silent in light of the slaughter, like the Israeli regime they are also afraid of the developing revolt from within against imperialism and their own rotten rule.  


Mass action to break the siege and stop the war

The military and technological power of the Israeli regime did not defeat the masses in Lebanon and, eventually, it will not defeat the masse in Gaza. The American Empire also cannot impose its will on the masses of Iraq. The Socialist Struggle Movement supports the right of the masses in Gaza to defend themselves from the aggression of the regime in Israel. The resistance to the attack of the Israeli regime have to be organised on a mass basis through coordinated democratic committees, like during the first Intifada, and accompanied with mass demonstrations on the Egyptian and Palestinian side of Rafah to break the siege.                   


The rockets strengthen the Government and Liberman

On the other hand, the firing of rockets on civilians actually does not harm either the siege, the occupation or the military oppression, and does not hurt those who responsible for these policies. Instead of that, the firing of rockets actually strengthens the Israeli regime because it pushes many Jews, out of despair, to support the government. That is how the rockets are being used by the Israeli government as an excuse for its barbaric policies. They also strengthen the parties of the far right, including Liberman, that promise to be more extreme in what this government is now doing.


The military tactics of the Hamas is result of its political outlook that does not propose any general strategy for the Palestinian struggle beside revenge actions and a vision of liberation in invisible future.


Stop the political prosecution of Palestinians in Israel

At the same time as its slaughter in Gaza, the Israeli regime is worsening its anti- Arab campaign inside Israel. In a wave of arrests not be seen before, hundreds of Palestinian activists and demonstrators have been arrested. Many others received threats from the Shabak (the secret police). The repression of the demonstrations indicates the fear of the government, the police and the army of the development of a new uprising. They are afraid of a mass struggle that will ruin their plans!


The movement against the war have to be expended

The Socialist Struggle Movement calls for escalating and expending of the joint demonstrations of Arabs and Jews against the war inside Israel, the Palestinian territories, in the Middle-East and all over the world. The demonstration against this attack can and should have an important role in driving the army out of Gaza and the breaking of the siege alongside with the resistance of the masses in Gaza itself. The participation of Jews alongside Arabs, in demonstration against the war in Israel is a blow to the propaganda of the government and the media. The propaganda of Israeli elite uses in a false and cynical way the fear of the residents of the south of Israel and their desire to live in security to justify their barbaric deeds. The movement against the war should call for more Jews and Arabs to join the demonstrations on the basis of a common interest in security, real peace and livelihood on both sides of the fence.


Capitalism in the Middle-East means more poverty oppression and wars  

The struggle of the Palestinian masses against the Israeli occupation and imperialist polices is also a struggle against the capitalist system itself that these policies are based on. As long as Israeli capitalism and the imperialist powers rule the Middle-East national oppression, exploitation, poverty and the use of whole countries for the needs of imperialism will continue. In opposition to the regimes is Israel and in the countries of the Arab League that benefit from this situation, the workers and the poor in the Middle-East have the interest to change it. This includes the Israeli – Jews who clash time after time with the government in Israel when they struggle for their living conditions.  The Socialist Struggle Movement calls for the formation of fighting socialist parties of the working people and the poor in Israel and the Palestinian territories. These should fight, on both sides of the national divide, against the policy of oppression, exploitation and racism of the Israeli capitalism, and for socialist and sovereign Palestine alongside socialist Israel as a part of socialist and free Middle-East.

Join Us!


The Socialist Struggle Movement calls for:

  • An immediate end of the bombing and the rest of the military operations in the Gaza strip, and full financial compensation by the Israeli government to the families of victims on both sides of the fence.
  • An immediate and full cease-fire, including an end to the economic and military siege on the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, and ending military operations in the Palestinian areas; No to  firing of projectiles at the residents of the Southern Israel.
  • Continue and expend the joint demonstrations of Jews and Arabs against the attack on Gaza, against racism, the extreme right wing, the occupation, the national separation wall and the conflict.
  • End the military and police repression of the right to demonstrate, and end the institutionalised nationalist-racist incitation against Arabs.
  • For the set up of democratic committees of self defence on a mass base against the Israeli attacks on Gaza  
  • Mass struggle to stop the siege on Gaza. Participation of the masses in Egypt to ensure the border with Egypt will be immediately and fully open; an appeal for support from workers and poor in Israel
  • Continue the demonstrations in the Middle-East and the world is solidarity with the Palestinian masses and against the pro-Imperialist regime in the region
  • Build large socialist parties composed of working people, both in Israel and in the Palestinian areas, which will lead a struggle to solve the burning social issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Real security and peace – end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and an end to the political, economic and military interventions and dictates carried out by the big powers on the masses of the Middle East and carried out by the Israeli government in the Palestinian territories and in the neighbouring states.
  • A struggle for a Socialist Israel alongside an independent Socialist Palestine, with borders which will be determined democratically by direct discussion between residents’ representatives, with guaranteed full freedom of movement; A struggle for Jerusalem to be the joint capital of the two socialist states, with autonomous rule of the two sides of the city.
  • A united struggle of the masses of the Middle East for Livelihood, Peace and Socialism; For a Socialist and democratic Middle East within which the rights of all groups and minorities would be guaranteed.

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