South – Dole for young people to halved

Laura Fitzgerald, Socialist Youth organiser says:
“The announcement that jobseeker’s allowance is going to be halved for under 20 year olds is an outrageous, discriminatory attack on young people. It’s the government’s fault, not young peoples’ fault that there are no jobs or future in this country. Now they’re trying to ask us to live on 100 euro a week! Young people are being forced into utter poverty. We will be fighting this attack on the rights of young people. Everyone deserves a wage they can live on and a decent, properly paid job as a basic right.”
Gemma, aged 19 from Tallaght in Dublin will be affected by this cut says:
“This is an attack on the rights of young people. Why should those between 18 and 20 be considered less of a person than those over 20? I worked hard in my job before I was laid off when the company went bust. Why should I have to pay for this company’s failure? The government is trying to make young people pay for a crisis that they did not create. 50-60 billion euro in profits were repatriated from this country every year during the boom. Those that creamed these profits should be made pay, not young people.”
Laura Fitzgerald, Socialist Youth organiser says:
“Not only have the goverment presided over the onset of mass unemployment that will disproportionately affect young people, not only are they bringing in third-level fees effectively blocking many young people from going on to college, they’re also now putting these same young people on the breadline! Socialist Youth will be launching a campaign to fight this cut and all these attacks on young people. We have to fight for our future.”

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