Youth Fight for Jobs campaign gets support of Ford/Visteon workers in Belfast


Youth Fight for Jobs supporters visited the Ford/Visteon occupation in Belfast. In just a few minutes all the workers in the occupation had signed the Youth Fight for Jobs declaration.  

On Tuesday 31st March workers at the Ford/Visteon plants in Belfast and across England were called in by management to meet administrators who informed them the plant would be closing. Workers had expected to get the redundancy package they were guaranteed by Ford instead they were told they would only receive the basic statutory redundancy. For some workers who have given the plant 30 to 40 years of their lives they would lose between £20-30,000 a year!


Many of these workers told us about their children who are in university, school, in work or unemployed. All the workers are worried about the next generation’s future and gave their full support to the campaign.   


In just a week redundancies announced in Bombardier-Shorts, FG Wilson, Hughes Christensen, Nortel and Visteon mean 2,000 jobs have been lost. Unemployment has increased by 1% in only a few days! What future is this for young people trying to find work. Even if they are ‘lucky’ enough to get a job they can expect the same treatment from bosses as the Ford/Visteon workers have.  


Youth Fight for Jobs is organising a contingent on the May Day protest this year for jobs. For more information contact Paddy at 07876146473 or e-mail


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