NI Minister for Employment tackled by Youth Fight for Jobs

Empey tackled over the disgraceful vampire comments!

By Tyler McNally, Fermanagh Youth Fight for Jobs

Youth Fight For Jobs and the Socialist Party came together at the Jobs and Benefits Office, Enniskillen in December to protest against the disgraceful comments Reg Empey made about young unemployed people, calling them vampires.

We held the protest when the cold blooded man himself was making a visit. We received support from passers-by, the unemployed and civil servants alike which showed us that there is a lot of support for our struggle.

When “The Count” arrived, he managed to dodge us and enter the building without us nabbing him but we made sure we got him as he left, with his team of spin doctors. We asked him whether he realised that his “comments about young unemployed people being vampires were disgraceful and outrageous?!”. He had the audacity to try and pin his words, his disgraceful comments on the Belfast Telegraph, saying they were “liable” and they “twisted the meaning” of his words. He denied that he planned to take legal action against the paper, even though they are “liable”. He kept trying to worm his decrepit frame out of our questions but he had nowhere to hide. He couldn’t turn into a bat and flee this inquisition. We know who the REAL vampire is!


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