Make sure your at this year’s SY Summer Festival

Capitalism in crisis
The continuing crisis of capitalism is destroying all options for young people. With 430,000 on the dole, the idea of finding a halfway decent job is all but gone.

Friday 20th August – Saturday 22nd August
Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow
Food, Travel, Accomodation – €60/£50

Download the leaflet here.

The government are shutting the option of eductaion with savage cutbacks and hikes in registration fees. And even the dole has been slashed for young people.

The governments message for young people is clear they want to kick us out of the country through forced emigration. They don’t care about workers, young people or the unemployed.

This is a crisis of capitalism, caused by the greed and speculation of the rich. It underlines the fundamentally undemocratic nature of capitalism, where big business and ‘the markets’ have the power to destroy destroy the lives of millions.

Fightback has begun

Greece has seen a series of general strikes and mass protests in the last months against the cutbacks there Similarly we have seen huge student protests, strikes and occupations against cuts and privatisation of education in Germany and Austria.

More and more people are no longer simply vitims of the crisis and the profit system, but opponents of it.

Summer Festival
Socialist Youth organises this annual Summer festival as an event where young people can come to discuss these and the issues that affect them.

Along with discussion you will also get to relax and enjoy yourself over the weekend with music, barbeques, film showing, football and lots more.
Its an event that you can’t afford to miss!


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