About Socialist Youth

SOCIALIST YOUTH is the youth section of the Socialist Party (the CWI in Ireland). It is an organisation run for young people and run by young people. We were established in late 2000 as an organisation that fights on all the issues than affect young people. We have branches of Socialist Youth throughout the country, north and south, where members get involved in campaigns and activity and discuss political ideas and issues. Socialist Youth is open to all people who are sick of the fact that we are not represented anywhere.


We fight on a number of issues, such as: War, Racism, Low Pay, Sectarianism, Sexism, Student Fees and Envirnomental Destruction.

Socialist Youth on a demonstration in BrusselsWe are a part of the struggle against capitalism and the dictatorship of the multinationals worldwide. We oppose the domination of the world by the giant multi-national corporations and the capitalist system that maintains their rule. We are building a socialist alternative to the bankruptcy of capitalism, which can only offer a future of poverty, exploitation, war and misery to the people of the world, in other words, no future.

We stand for real Socialism, which means running society for all peoples’ needs and not for the profit of the few. So much anger exists at the way the world is run that the potential to build a socialist movement for young people at the moment is massive. However, we cannot do this alone. If you are disgusted by the massive inequality of capitalism, if you are against the rise in racism and sectarianism gripping our society, if you are for a world free from exploitation, then join Socialist Youth and get active.

We have also launched numerous campaigns, for example, Youth Against War, to get active on issues that affect young people.

We believe that young people, in their struggle for a decent future should link up with other oppressed layers of society. Therefore we are the youth section of the Socialist Party. While in the Dail as Socialist Party TD, Joe Higgins alongside Socialist Party councillors in Dublin and Cork, has continuously fought on the issues that affect young people.

Socialist Youth information stall in BelfastThe aim of Socialist Youth is to organise young people in the fight to change society and build Socialism. As Che Guevara said, “it is not for revolutionaries to stand in the doorways of their homes waiting for the corpse of imperialism to pass by”. We agree. It is not enough to oppose or complain about capitalism and oppression. The point is to get actively involved in the struggle to change society, where the nightmare of capitalism on our lives is broken and the wealth and resources of the world is put to use to create a future free from exploitation, poverty and war. If you agree with our ideas, if you agree that capitalism offers no future for young people, then join us in building the socialist alternative.

International Socialist Resistance

International Socialist ResistanceSocialist Youth is affiliated to the International Socialist Resistance (ISR). ISR is an independent democratic anti Capitalist international group run by young people. ISR is organised to give Young people across the world the opportunity to fight back against Capitalism, and works to unite the working class and oppressed people against global capitalism and to fight for a socialist world.

ISR is an international anti-capitalist youth organisation with groups being built across the world, such as in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, France, Greece Northern and Southern Ireland and also in countries outside of Europe such as Nigeria, Brazil, CIS (Russia, Ukraine etc) and Australia.

A Socialist Youth member addresses the ISR founding conference in 2001ISR was initiated by the Committee for a Workers International (CWI) in 2001 and was launched as an independent democratic organisation at the ISR founding conference in Brussels on December 15th 2001, with over 500 young people attending from many of the countries named above. This took place the day after the anti-capitalist demonstration in Brussels, on which ISR had over 1,000 people on our contingent. A founding statement was discussed and voted on, click here to read it.

The founding conference of ISR in Brussels 2001The most important way of building ISR is through local campaigns. The main campaign of ISR internationally is against Bush and Blair’s war on Iraq, which all areas were campaigning on. Other campaigns are being built such as against education cuts, low pay and campaigns for better youth facilities or campaigns on the environment etc. The main thing is to have regular days of action, involving as many people as possible and have regular meetings to discuss campaigns and subjects members are wanting to know more about – eg: Che Guevara, campaigning against education cuts, what is socialism etc. If you have any ideas on this and / or want help in setting up an ISR group in your area please get in touch.

ISR has no big business backers; we rely entirely on our members’ and supporters’ donations to help us pay for material etc. Please contact us for further information.


In the South

Thomas Street
Dublin 8

087 1274315 (Cillian)


In the North

Lombard Street
Belfast, BT1 1RB

028 90 232962


You can also fill out this simple form to join online – Click Here!


6 responses to “About Socialist Youth

  1. I am from Palestine,
    very impressed with the ideas of the Socialist Youths,
    I wish to join the organization, please contact me

    Guevara Palestine

  2. Hi, my friend and I are quite interested in getting involved with the Socialist Youth. We were wondering, do you have regular meetings that we could pop along to?

    Thanks for your time,

  3. As a homeless youth,who is returning to education,I have been refused a student grant under the basis that I am not over 23(I did not include parental details).I have been living seperately from parents for over a year and have no contact.Is there anything you could do to help me?

  4. I am student from Nepal. And i am very much delighted from your work towards the world. Can i also join this network. Please help me to join your club.

  5. Hi guys, just want to let you know your doing a great job.
    Keep it up 🙂

  6. I mean no disrespect to the Connolly Youth Movement but I think Socialist Youth is the more active of the 2.

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