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Bill Cullen wants you to work for free!

Viewers throughout the country were outraged with Bill Cullen’s attack on young unemployed workers on RTE’s Frontline hosted by Pat Kenny. Owner of CityGate Motor Group and numerous hotels and properties, Cullen achieved infamy with statements to contestants on his show The Apprentice, such as, “Now that you work for me, I own you.”

 By James McCabe

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Google and the Chinese regime

What is it really about?

Interview by with socialist blogger in China
In January the world’s largest internet company declared it had been targeted by organised hackers from China and was therefore prepared to quit the Chinese internet market. What is at the root of this conflict and how could it develop? spoke to socialist blogger Zhao Jiangang.

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SY Waterford Meeting:

The revolutionary ideas of Che Guevara

Student Forum

6pm Thurs 11th February

Room RHA 203

Organised by Socialist Party & Socialist Youth in Waterford IT

For more info – 086 1225374

Haiti – Earthquake kills thousands

Impoverished masses face new disaster

By Niall Mulholland, CWI

Disaster has struck the impoverished people of Haiti once again; a powerful earthquake, early on 13 January, toppled buildings in the capital Port-au-Prince. The 7.0 magnitude quake – the biggest recorded in this part of the Caribbean – left the capital’s 3 million people who live on hillside slums made of wood, tin and cheap concrete, particularly vulnerable. There are growing fears that thousands of people were killed, with many more badly injured or missing. According to the Reuters news agency, “Bloodied and dazed survivors gathered in the open and corpses were pinned by debris.” Many buildings were destroyed, including the headquarters of the United Nations Stabilisation Mission (around 9,000 UN police and troops are stationed there to “maintain order”) and the presidential palace.

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NI Minister for Employment tackled by Youth Fight for Jobs

Empey tackled over the disgraceful vampire comments!

By Tyler McNally, Fermanagh Youth Fight for Jobs

Youth Fight For Jobs and the Socialist Party came together at the Jobs and Benefits Office, Enniskillen in December to protest against the disgraceful comments Reg Empey made about young unemployed people, calling them vampires.

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Youth Dole Cuts help Bosses’ Agenda

Last year, 50% of the weekly dole payment was cut for under-20s. This trend continues: since the latest budget, new dole applicants under-25s who sign on will get only €150 a week and those aged 20-21 will get €100 a week.

 By Manus Lenihan 

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From farce to tragedy as blasphemy law signed in

The minister for Justice, Dermot Ahern signed a commencement order that came into effect on the 1st of January making blasphemy a crime in the south of Ireland, punishable with a fine of up to €25,000.

By Rita Ann Harrold – Dublin Socialist Youth

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