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  1. Why don’t you guys allow comments on your posts, just out of curiosity?

  2. I’ve always been intersted in socialism but I have to ask your approach towards people who would simply not go to work and still get the same benefits as hard workers, Fionn 16

  3. That is an interesting point that you raise.
    I don’t think however, that under a socialist society, the matter would ever arise.
    Firstly, work could easily be made available for all (how this would be done has been outlined in different sections) and secondly, I think that practically everyone would want to work, especially if they could do a job that they are interted in and one in which you can see some benefit being given back to society. You see work would not be organised like it is now. Firstly it would not be run for profit but for the good of society as a whole. I think that this is a key aspect. I think that if someone knows that the work they do is going to benefit the people they know, their community and society in general, they will be happy to do it.
    Secondly, the working week would be much shorter (for example, today if new machinery is introduced that can do the work of 40 people in half the time, then those people will be laid off. However under socialism, where a workplace is not run for profit, that same new piece of machinery could be used to lower the working week for all instead.) and the work probably less pressured also. I’m not saying that work won’t often be hard, it can be. However, if you are not constantly being forced to work till you drop, not constantly having to look over your shoulder for the boss, etc, you will take greater pleasure in your work.

    That is why I think people will want to work. But not only that. There is a very basic point also. Anyone that has been unable to find work for a few weeks or months knows how boring it is to stay at home and do nothing, how unproductive and useless you can feel. I think that this, allied with what I said above is a good enough incentive to work.

    If you are not happy with this answer, please let us know and we can discuss the issue some more.

    • brian hackett

      I read you David Convery post in which the utopian world of socailism was described .I have a few issues about this and I was wondering how you would answer.
      Firsty how do you deal with the inherant inequalities that exist between people naturally.That is ability,talent, ambition and ego.These four elements have brought mankind from the caves to the advanced technological society we have today.Would these advances have being made if we lived in a society where we all were equal and working only for the good of soceity.
      “Firstly it would not be run for profit but for the good of society as a whole. I think that this is a key aspect. I think that if someone knows that the work they do is going to benefit the people they know, their community and society in general, they will be happy to do it.”

      This is all very well but its not a realistic view of what motivates the vast majority of people.They want to get ahead ,they want to create a better life , they strive for the dream life not some mono coloured,average life where everyone has the same means, the same ambitions ,the same goals and are treated the same no matter their talents or abilities.The market econmey is far from perfect as recent econmic times have shown but there there is a basic truth in capitalism which cannot be denied .It rewards talent,ability,risk takers and most importantly hard work.( And I know you will point out that it also rewards large corporations and groups who draw massive profits,but at some point those corporations were created by some body who had talent, ability, took a risk and worked really hard)Its not perfect but it reflects a real belief that most people have :that is that ability and hard work should be recognised and rewarded.Socialism tells us we are all special and all equal, we are not and at the deepest level people know this.That is why it has never suceeded as a society model anywhere in the world.

      • David Convery

        Obviously people have different talents, abilities, etc. These could be utilised to the full. Imagine if all the people who don’t get a shot at a university education today due to money or lack of funding in schools got the opportunity to go and develop their talents. Also as for incentive, that’s an old question. What on earth is the incentive today I would like to know? Most people work to get money to live off. Who says that still won’t happen? But the extra incentive is what people get to give back to society. You are not working to benefit some faceless corpo, but your community. And back to talent. Imagine if people’s talent, all those who are unemployed or in dead end jobs or who never got the chance could work at what they’re talented at. Imagine what we could achieve. I worked in a bookstore for the best part of a year recently. There we had people who had masters in architecture, archaeology, history, law, but were there instead as capitalism couldn’t find anywhere else for them to go. People also work for better when they co-operate than when they compete. What about pharmaceuticals for instance. They don’t share the new breakthroughs with one another as this would get rid of their competetive edge. Imagine they did and everyone worked together on improving medicine for the benefit of humanity and not for profit. And do I think we could have advanced as far today without what you call incentives such as money? I believe we would have advanced far more by now if society was run for peoples needs and not for profit.

  4. I was wondering what age can you join at?

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