IBEC and the government, as part of their ongoing campaign to undermine the wages and conditions of workers in Ireland, have teamed up to create the Gradlink scheme.

By Richard O’Hara

This scheme allows social welfare recipients, who have recently graduated from college, to work on placement schemes for private firms and multinational corporations, while maintaining their dole payments. Its apparent aim is to provide participants with work experience and to improve their employment potential. However, the real experience these highly skilled young workers will get, is that of capitalist exploitation as they work for sub-minimum wages and are used as part of the relentless attack to drive down wages in Ireland.

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Belfast YFfJ tells Minister, “We demand jobs not excuses!”

Minister for UNemployment - Reg Empey

Minister for UNemployment - Reg Empey

Representatives from the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign met Minister for Employment & Learning, Reg Empey, on 18 February to challenge him on the Executive’s failure to create jobs. Youth Fight for Jobs put to the Minister, concrete initiatives which could immediately be implemented to create jobs. We showed how a programme for building social housing, a publicly owned IT sector and how an expansion of the NHS could immediately create thousands of jobs, while at the same time provide much needed services.

By Paddy Meehan

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Bill Cullen wants you to work for free!

Viewers throughout the country were outraged with Bill Cullen’s attack on young unemployed workers on RTE’s Frontline hosted by Pat Kenny. Owner of CityGate Motor Group and numerous hotels and properties, Cullen achieved infamy with statements to contestants on his show The Apprentice, such as, “Now that you work for me, I own you.”

 By James McCabe

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Google and the Chinese regime

What is it really about?

Interview by with socialist blogger in China
In January the world’s largest internet company declared it had been targeted by organised hackers from China and was therefore prepared to quit the Chinese internet market. What is at the root of this conflict and how could it develop? spoke to socialist blogger Zhao Jiangang.

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SY Kilkenny – Public Meeting

100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

“A Women’s place is in the struggle!”

Low pay, cuts in services, sexism

7pm Tues 9 March,
Club House Hotel, Patrick St

SY Dublin – Young Workers: Underpaid, Exploited & Fed Up

By Seamus O’Rourke

I was always told that if I got a degree, I’d have no trouble finding a well-paid full-time job. I finished college in May, and haven’t been able to find a job, though I have been working part-time in the same pub I’ve been working in since I was sixteen.

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SY Waterford – Student Grants: Cut, Late and Inadequate

By Lucian Verkin

As a student who is reliant on the maintenance grant, I am at the mercy of an inefficient system and the Budget cuts that reduced an already inadequate grant. Each county and city council provides their grants at different times, sometimes weeks apart.
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